NV5 - ESPN Daycare

ESPN Daycare Center

NV5 provided a full energy analysis, LEED-NC (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design New Construction) modeling, and sustainable design assistance for the child care center at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. The facility is comprised of a 32,000 SF daycare center and an 18,000 SF multipurpose space.

The intent of this project was to help guide and summarize the design team’s energy efficiency and sustainability efforts, and ultimately qualify for LEED certification. To accomplish these goals, we employed a three-step sustainable design strategy and whole building design approach: (1) minimize building loads, (2) improve system effectiveness, and (3) optimize resource delivery.

The project team aimed to achieve between 5 and 8 LEED points for Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1, which equates to energy cost savings between 24.5% and 35%. To achieve this goal, we recommended the following improvements: roof insulation, wall insulation, overhangs and exterior shading, window glazing, installed fixtures (lighting), occupancy sensors, daylight dimming controls, and improvements to the HVAC system.


Bristol, CT


The SLAM Collaborative


Key Facts

  • Daycare 32,000 SF
  • Multipurpose Space 18,000 SF


LEED Gold Certified