Freeman-Kennedy School

The award winning Freeman-Kennedy School replaced the existing school, which was comprised of an original 2-story structure built in 1950 with 1-story additions built in 1954, 1964, and 1970 and created a new school serving grades 3 through 6.

As the Owner’s Project Manager, NV5’s responsibilities included coordination with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA); managing the designer selection process through the MSBA Designer Selection Panel; overseeing programming and building design; coordinating the design and construction; FFE and technology selection purchasing; and managing the project budget and schedule.

The project consisted of a new 96,000 SF building for 585 students in grades 3 through 6, which was built adjacent to the existing building. The new building opened in the fall, with demolition of the existing building and final site work completed in December of the same year.


Norfolk, MA


Owner’s Representation Services

Key Facts

  • 96,400 SF
  • Project Cost $34.9M