Georgetown Dam Rehabilitation

Georgetown Dam is a water storage facility located on Clear Creek that is jointly owned by the Town of Georgetown and the City of Black Hawk. The dam is a concrete gravity dam with an ogee spillway. It was determined the dam could not provide the required flows at low reservoir levels to downstream users.

NV5 was hired as the Project Manager to oversee the design and construction to upgrade the outlet works of the dam. NV5 worked with both Ownership groups to procure the design and construction teams. During design, the team evaluated multiple options to improve the outlet works and ultimately selected an option to install a hoist operated crest gate. NV5 worked with the engineering team and the gate manufacturer to design, manufacture, and procure the owner furnished gate.

During construction, NV5 worked closely with the contractor and design team to aid in implementing the complex design and resolving issues that arose due to the retrofit nature of the project. The project was funded by multiple sources including a Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) loan and a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant. The entire project was coordinated and approved through the Colorado Division of Water Resources Dam Safety Branch.

The project came in over $1.5 million under the project budget resulting in a nearly 48% savings for the Town of Georgetown and the City of Black Hawk.


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Project Cost $1.7M