NV5 - HSBC Main Building

HSBC Energy Resource Efficiency

HSBC engaged NV5 to identify opportunities available to reduce its energy costs, and to assist in implementing projects at its flagship headquarters in Hong Kong.

Specifically, we performed a Level 2 energy audit and a site assessment, logged data in real time, and conducted onsite workshops. Our key recommendations included chiller operational opportunities, electricity tariff opportunities, air side opportunities, lighting opportunities, variable speed drive controls, and capital upgrades.

NV5 helped identify energy saving initiatives of USD $1.88M per year for HSBC’s main building, and all proposed energy management opportunities were approved by HSBC for the portfolio (total USD $5.16M). Since initial engagement, NV5 has been engaged for several consecutive years of programs across all HSBC’s large buildings throughout Asia.


Hong Kong


HSBC Holdings


Energy Efficiency 
Energy Audits and Benchmarking Services

Key Facts

  • Site 216,134 m2
  • Energy Examined 30,000,000+ kWh
  • Energy Saved 8,000,000+ kWh/year