Irrigation Siphon Building Safety

An NV5 certified industrial hygienist provided safety oversight during the building of a new irrigation siphon as part of the expansion of the Grand Coulee/Columbia Basin Project. This portion of the expansion project conveys groundwater to landowners in the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District and also provides the water source for a local groundwater replacement program. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation was a partner on this project.

At project initiation, NV5 reviewed and provided input on the project’s health and safety program. Then, over the course of the 20-week project, the NV5 certified industrial hygienist made site visits every Monday to review the Job Hazard Assessments, attend the morning safety meetings, and walk the site, making note of any conditions that could be hazardous to the workers. We verified that the building company was meeting the irrigation district’s requirements for chemical inventory, training, housekeeping, and rigging inspection. The NV5 certified industrial hygienist also prepared a weekly safety report after each site visit.

In response to a requirement from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, we met with the local emergency response unit and arranged an on-site meeting between the building company and the emergency responders. Additionally, we confirmed the types of personal protective equipment to be used during various activities, including painting and the use of hand held power tools. The company was very responsive to our recommendations.


Columbia Basin, WA


Rotschy, Inc.


Key Facts

  • Diameter 13 ft
  • Length 185 ft