NV5 - Joe Foss Shooting Complex

Joe Foss Shooting Complex Assessment

The Joe Foss Shooting Complex is a public shooting range with pistol, rifle, and trap/skeet ranges. Spent ammunition is not considered a solid waste unless it is “abandoned” when the range closes. However, there is potential for transport of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, antimony, and copper) into washes by stormwater, which could potentially impact Waters of the United States.

Sampling at the shooting complex is used to assess the operational efficacy with respect to limiting soil contamination on the range that has potential to impact stormwater flowing off the range. Sediment sampling is used to assess potential for impact to washes and stormwater retention/detention structures.

NV5 conducted an assessment to identify areas where impacted stormwater was not controlled, and while the impact was not likely to have resulted in an exceedance of surface water quality standards in a receiving water, recommendations for the building of additional stormwater retention/detection were made.


Buckeye, AZ


Maricopa County Risk Management