Laguna Pueblo Wastewater and Sewer Project

This large survey incorporated all resource- and inventory‑related tasks, including an environmental assessment and biological and cultural surveys and corresponding reports. The undertaking consisted of an extensive stimulus‑funded upgrade to the wastewater system of Laguna Pueblo with the project area consisting of a web of linear pipeline corridors covering much of the Pueblo.

The project involved extensive preliminary planning and consultation with the agencies, tribal officials, and engineers. Resources encountered during the survey included a wide variety of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, numerous historic buildings (commercial, residential, and civic), five extensive acequia systems, portions of historic Route 66, and traditional cultural properties. Biological resources such as wetlands, waterways, protected species habitat, and migratory bird nesting habitat were identified.

NV5 completed its assigned task on schedule and assisted in the preparation of a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Programmatic Agreement to allow the project to move forward with the assurance that additional necessary work will be conducted as needed.

NV5 was awarded the second phase of this long multi‑year project.


Laguna Pueblo, NM