NV5 - MacKenzie Parking Lot

MacKenzie Park Parking Lot Stormwater Infiltration

Permeable pavers were installed in the MacKenzie Park Parking lot at State Street and Las Positas Road in order to allow stormwater and urban runoff to infiltrate into the ground. The design demonstrates a retrofit that complies with the City’s Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) requirement to detain and treat the volume of water generated from a one inch, 24-hour storm event.

NV5 performed the building phase testing for the MacKenzie Park Parking Lot Stormwater Infiltration project. Our services included subgrade soil testing, concrete testing, aggregate base testing, permeable concrete pavement testing, and asphalt testing.

Stormwater and urban runoff from impervious (hard) surfaces are major sources of creek and ocean water quality pollution. Runoff from parking lots often contains pollutants including hydrocarbons, fine sediments, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), metals, nutrients, and other pollutants that are toxic to aquatic organisms and potentially harmful to human health. By retrofitting existing infrastructure using Low Impact Development (LID) designs, stormwater is allowed to soak into the soil, mimicking pre-development conditions. By installing LID projects throughout the City of Santa Barbara, the amount of pollutants being carried directly into the storm drains, creeks, estuaries, and ocean is reduced, improving water quality.


Santa Barbara, CA


City of Santa Barbara, Engineering Division