Magnolia Neighborhood Park, Hillsboro, OR

Located in Hillsboro’s fast growing and high density district of Tanasbourne, the new Magnolia Neighborhood Park is destined to be a popular destination. The featured facilities of this 3.5 acre park include a zero-depth sprayground water play feature, a play structure, a custom designed picnic shelter with barbecue facilities, tennis court, a sport court, and a sustainable rain garden. WHPacific’s sprayground design grew out of collaboration with a graphic mosaic artist, Lynn Adamo. Her mosaic interpretations of the Magnolia are set into three organic shaped mounds clad with native basalt stone. A series of water jets with uniquely different spray patterns are programmed in sequences creating an exciting play experience for the children. Placed at the top of the site, WHPacific designed a unique picnic shelter that establishes an icon image for the park. The stormwater runoff from the site is directed to a three-tiered basin where the rain water will be cleansed as it flows through wetland plantings and over basalt rock weirs before it exits the site. The park’s identity will grow over time as we watch the 68 Magnolia trees mature. The project also included design of half street pavement widening, curb sidewalk and street lighting design for the adjacent street frontage. This project was unique in that our design team had to coordinate and integrate our design with three other developments immediately adjacent to our project with three different consulting firms.




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