NV5 - Maytown Sand and Gravel Pit

Maytown Sand and Gravel Pit

GeoDesign (now NV5) has provided mining consulting and geological services to the Port of Tacoma for over a decade for the Maytown Aggregates Pit in Thurston County. NV5 performed an aggregate resource investigation including a geomorphic analysis of the glacial geology affecting the mine property, a sonic drilling investigation of the aggregate material, and laboratory testing. These data were used to develop a subsurface geologic model for the aggregate resource, which controlled the overall development plans.

NV5’s role in mine plan development included coordinating with multiple managers and departments within the Port of Tacoma, as well as with the owners of Maytown Aggregates, who purchased the property from the Port. We served as a liaison for the Port of Tacoma with overseeing agencies for many complex permitting issues and development of plans for surface-mine operations.

The Port now is sole owner of the property, and NV5 has assisted the Port in maintaining all of the mining-related permits for the site to preserve its highest and best use for eventual sale of the property. NV5 is currently assisting the Port through another 5-Year Review of the special-use permit (SUP) with Thurston County.


Thurston County, WA


Port of Tacoma


  • Mining
  • Mining Resource Evaluation
  • Mine Plan Development

Key Facts

As a connecting point between the Port and various agencies, NV5 has assisted the Port in managing all the mining-related permits for the site.

NV5 continues to provide compliance reports and expert testimony to support the site’s permitted status.  Thurston County conducts 5-year reviews of the special-use permit (SUP) through a formal public-hearing process. Our efforts have assisted the Port in avoiding additional, restrictive conditions or from losing the SUP.

The Port intended to develop the property into a transload facility in partnership with the Port of Olympia.  When the Port of Olympia withdrew, the Port of Tacoma wished to preserve the maximum value for the property.  NV5 has assisted the Port in maintaining compliance with the complex mine-permitting environment unique to this site to preserve the site’s highest and best value.