NV5 - Mission Road

Mission Road Improvements

NV5 provided engineering design services to the County of San Diego for improvements to Mission Road. The project was located in the unincorporated area of the County between Pepper Tree Lane and Ammunition Road, and on East Mission Road between Main Street and South Mission Road in the Fallbrook area.

NV5 was responsible for the preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates. The project also included design for improvement of intersecting side streets, such as Pepper Tree Lane, Old Stage Road, Palomino Road, and Pico Avenue; as well as design for modification of grading and drainage on private property and businesses adjacent the project frontage.

NV5 services also included design for modification of traffic signal systems at three intersections, retaining wall design, and significant storm water quality management solutions. Storm drain design was complicated by the existence of undersized storm drains in the area, as well as shallow cover over existing storm drains and utility lines.


Fallbrook, CA


County of San Diego