Montclair State University School of Communications and Media Studies

Photos: Montclair State University

Montclair State proudly calls their new communications school “the most technologically advanced broadcast media production facility at any university in the country.” And they may very well be right. Complete with a fully 4K IP Based Broadcast Studio, a motion picture sound stage, and a professional screening room with digital cinema production, the new 60,000 SF facility is built around an “all-in-one fusion” concept designed to strengthen industry partnerships, blend traditional and digital learning, and physically link and engage learning spaces.

Envisioned to support both education and professional use, the facility can be rented out to major networks because it has the same capabilities as professional studios.

The facility features 115 student computer editing stations, two state-of-the-art HD broadcasting studios, a Human-Factors Research Lab, six high-end editing studios, a video and audio editing lab, plus instructional/research labs, offices, conference rooms, lecture hall, two screening rooms, smart classrooms, TV studios, sound stage, set shop, green rooms, dressing/make-up rooms, 16mm film editing room, film studios, and radio station. All studios are interconnected allowing for multiple, concurrent, productions.

The heart of the journalism and digital media programs is the News Room of the Future. This instructional, live news “makerspace” houses upwards of 50 students, and simulates a real-life, professional news room environment. It is supported by a rapid set-up “instant news” guest interview studio, an isolated edit bay, dedicated voice-over booth, and a full-featured control room. A partnership with Sony Electronics delivers the latest technology as used in Hollywood, giving students a competitive advantage in launching their careers in the industry. Montclair State’s reputation of cutting-edge media arts programs also embraces a rich heritage of notable alumni, from Allen Ginsberg to Bruce Willis. The new School of Communications and Media Studies offers spaces teeming with technology, designed to prepare students to enter the workplace as creative and critical decision makers.