NV5 - Green Parking Lots

Nassau Community College Parking Lot Design

NV5 completed planning, design, and construction support services for the reconstruction of a 20-acre parking facility for Nassau Community College in Hempstead, New York. The project area involved 1,400 parking stalls and connecting roadways, pedestrian pathways, and open space.

An extensive network of 3,600 linear feet of bioretention swales collects runoff from impermeable areas through a medium consisting of a custom bioretention soil mix on top of washed gravel, which removes pollutants. Overflow is collected within linear underdrain systems and piped into shallow infiltration basins. These basins are bisected by pedestrian walkways.

Sustainable features include rain gardens, bioswales, native plant material, high albedo pavement, recycled locally-sourced materials, free-flowing modern roundabout, and LED lighting.


Hempstead, NY


Key Facts

  • 20 Acres
  • 1,400 Parking Stalls


Silver Award, Engineering Excellence Awards, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) – New York, 2013