NELAC Assessments

Since 1999, NV5 has supported state accrediting bodies in performing National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) assessments. NV5’s team of assessors has conducted more than 450 TNI [The National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) Institute] laboratory assessments for multiple state accrediting bodies and actively participates in assessments performed by ISO 17025 accrediting bodies. The NV5 team has completed multiple audits in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act and according to specific state regulatory requirements. NV5 provides an experienced team committed to providing all the necessary services to meet the standard requirements. NV5’s team has over 200 cumulative years of experience in assessing the performance of environmental analytical laboratories and possesses both NELAC assessment credentials and extensive experience in environmental analytical and sampling fields.

NV5 has performed assessments of environmental laboratories for the following state accrediting bodies: Florida Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Certification Program, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Minnesota Department of Health, California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program and Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Laboratory Accreditation Program. NV5 is also approved to perform assessments for the New Hampshire Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.

These assessments are conducted based on NELAP/TNI standards. NV5 employs an assessment process that has proved successful for 22 years and has been applied to over 230 laboratories. The procedures in NV5’s process meet or exceed industry standards for depth and completeness. NV5 uses procedure reviews, checklists, interview techniques, and data reviews based on ISO 17025, the TNI Standards, and the Manual for Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water, Fifth Edition, January 2005. NV5’s approach captures important information about the laboratory’s technical methodology for each analysis, while NV5’s assessors are fully aware of and compliant with the standards for on-site assessments as identified in the TNI Standard and ISO/IEC: 17025 direction.




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  • ISO/IEC: 17025