NV5 - Novartis Cambridge Expansion

Novartis Cambridge Campus Expansion

NV5 provided commissioning services for this best-in-class biomedical campus expansion of laboratory, office, and retail space involving construction of two new buildings and renovation of a third. This very large, complex project included building systems that support science research spaces, collaborative work areas, administrative space, an auditorium, dining facilities, and a below-grade vivarium that includes a 35,000-SF rodent (mice and rats) vivarium and a 6,000-SF zebra fish vivarium plus a 459-vehicle parking facility and central utilities co-generation plant.

As the project evolved, the team faced challenges keeping up with the changes. Final design reviews were performed concurrently with commissioning services in the initial stages of the project’s construction. Functional testing occurred in pieces as parts of the building were turned over to the owner. NV5 was able to work within these constraints to ensure a well-functioning, large-scale, complex, state-of-the-art laboratory building.

This environmentally responsible and sustainable design includes above-grade glass-clad structures integrating daylighting concepts, innovative solar shading, and vegetated roof areas into the exterior envelopes of the new buildings whose laboratory facilities require control of indoor environmental conditions within very close tolerances, with the highest degree of reliability.


Cambridge, MA


Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research


Key Facts

  • 800,000 SF
  • Project Cost $700M