I-5 Riverfront Reconnection Project

NV5 was selected by the City of Sacramento as the prime consultant to provide full construction management services for the I-5 Riverfront Reconnection Project. This project will fulfill the need to reconnect downtown to the river.

The I-5 Riverfront Reconnection Project proposes to construct a new connection of Capitol Mall to 2nd street/Neasham Circle into Old Sacramento, the widening of the Capitol Mall sidewalks over I-5, the closing of L Street to Capitol Mall ramp, and the construction of the sidewalk on the south side of the O Street Bridge over I-5.

The major elements of this project include constructing the 2nd Street bridge; closing the L Street ramp; widening the sidewalk; relocating new street lights, traffic signals, and landscaping; retrofitting the Capitol Mall Bridge deck; installing streetcar tracks; adding polyester concrete to the bridge deck; constructing a sidewalk along the O Street Bridge; reconstructing Neasham Circle; constructing sound walls and retaining walls; replacing overhead sign structures with catwalks; installing decorative street lights and traffic signal poles; and installing decorative fencing.


Sacramento, CA


City of Sacramento


Civil Program Management

Key Facts

Construction Cost (est) $10.1M