Riverfront Reconnection Project

Project Costs: Estimated Const. Cost $10.1 Million

NV5 was selected by the City of Sacramento as the prime consultant to provide full Construction Management Services for the I-5 Riverfront Reconnection Project.

The I-5 Riverfront Reconnection Project proposes to construct a new connection of Capitol Mall to 2nd street/Neasham Circle into Old Sacramento, the widening of the Capitol Mall sidewalks over I-5, the closing of L Street to Capitol Mall ramp, and the construction of the sidewalk on the south side of the O Street Bridge over I-5.

This project is a significant win for THG because the City of Sacramento is an existing client. This project is important to the City due to extensive community and local business involvement as well as fulfilling the need to reconnect downtown to the river.

The major elements of this project include:

  • Construction of 2nd Street bridge from Capitol Mall down to Neasham Circle
  • Closing of the L Street Ramp from 3rd Street to Capitol Mall
  • Sidewalk widening of the Capitol Mall Bridge over I-5 and relocation of new street lights, traffic signals and landscaping
  • Retrofit of the Capitol Mall Bridge deck and installation of Streetcar tracks/li>
  • Addition of polyester concrete to the Capitol Mall bridge deck
  • Widening of the O Street Bridge by constructing a sidewalk along the south side
  • Reconstruction of Neasham Circle in Old Sacramento
  • Construction of brick faced sound walls and retaining walls
  • Replacement of three overhead sign structures with catwalks, replacement of one large sign panel at the I-5 NB on-ramp near L Street, installation of decorative street lights, and traffic signal poles and mast arms with electroliers
  • Installation of decorative fencing throughout the project limit


Sacramento, CA


City of Sacramento


  • Program & Construction Management
    • Civil Program Management

Key Facts

Construction Cost (est) $10.1M

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