NV5 - Radiation Safety Training for Oil and Gas Pipeline Company Employees

Radiation Safety Training for Oil & Gas Pipeline Company Employees

NV5 was selected to provide radiation safety training for a large energy infrastructure company after the company was dissatisfied with its current training provider.

Technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) often impacts various stages of oil and gas industry operations.

Specifically, NV5 prepared and presented three 8-hour training sessions on TENORM radiation safety to employees on-site at two of the company’s northeastern facilities. The training was based on modules selected from NV5’s Dade Moeller Training Academy NORM Radiation Safety Officer course but was tailored to the company’s particular needs. The training covered several topics of interest including fundamentals of TENORM and radiation, radiation health effects, radiation detection instrumentation, and surveying for TENORM.

The course followed NV5’s practical approach to training, using hands-on exercises with the company’s NORM Operations & Maintenance Procedures and their own hand-held radiation survey meters. This made the training more relevant, focusing on what this particular company’s workers need to know in order to do their jobs safely every day and in compliance with appropriate state and federal regulations. The course was provided by an NV5 certified health physicist who also is a senior faculty member of NV5’s Dade Moeller Training Academy.


Massachusetts & Pennsylvania