Redwood Trunk Sewer Microtunneling & Sewer Open Cut

NV5 joined management firm Harris & Associates for an approximately 5-mile underground tunnel, including 47,000 feet of new fiberglass composite pipeline which ranged in size from 20 to 60 inches. The pipeline snakes through the tunnel and delivers wastewater to the new Headworks wastewater treatment plant.

This was the longest microtunneling effort in the nation.

The city also enlisted our services to construct the Ventura Trunk segment, a nearly two-mile-long, 42-inch diameter sewer that connects to the Redwood Trunk and runs along Ventura Road to the north side of Doris Avenue.


Oxnard, CA


City of Oxnard, Waste Water Division


Construction Materials Testing & Inspection

Key Facts

  • 5-Mile Tunnel
  • 2-Mile Sewer