Reno Railroad Corridor

After assisting the City of Reno in finding funding sources for the $200 million Reno Railroad Corridor, NV5 began the preliminary engineering and environmental work on the project.

Located along the existing Union Pacific Railroad corridor in downtown Reno, the design-build project comprises a 34-foot deep train trench below the existing tracks, to isolate train traffic from vehicular traffic; two mainline tracks; an access road adjacent to the south side of the tracks; and 11 street crossings built as ‘bridges’ over the trench. A temporary track (shoofly) was built to ensure train travel was uninterrupted during construction of the trench.

Approximately 2.25 miles long, the Reno Railroad Corridor solution improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation and safety, and promoted economic development along the rail corridor and in downtown.


Reno, NV


City of Reno