Rhode Island College Energy Savings Project

Rhode Island College, founded in 1854, is the second oldest college in Rhode Island after Brown University. As the third party owner’s representative for the Energy Savings Project Contract (ESPC), NV5’s primary goal on this project was to oversee and assist the college in planning and implementing an ESPC that would create high performance, state of the art facilities while decreasing costs and increasing efficiency and ultimately enrollment. All this was accomplished and self-funded thorough the energy and operational cost savings.

An Investment Grade Audit (IGA) was used to analyze and quantify the feasibility of installing certain improvements or energy conservation measures (ECMs) throughout the college and enable the design and building phase of the project. The energy efficiency upgrades totaled $11 million, which will result in an estimated $3 million in net excess cumulative cash flow over the 15-year life span of the ESPC project, as well as estimated rebates of $935K and first year savings of $858K.

Energy conservation measures included interior and exterior lighting controls and systems improvements, building weatherization, water conservation improvements, expansion of DDC system, upgraded central plant boilers, replaced steam and condensate piping, solar photovoltaic, energy efficient motors, and AHU/rooftop unit replacement.


Providence, RI


Rhode Island College


Owner’s Representation Services

Key Facts

  • Cost: $11M
  • Excess Cumulative Cash Flow $3M
  • Incentives & Rebates $935,000