Rockies Express Pipeline: REX West, REX East

NV5 developed a comprehensive environmental training program for the REX West and REX East projects totaling approximately 1,500 miles of pipeline.

The program included training for all levels of personnel on the construction right-of-way and utilized a variety of media to train and test individuals. NV5 provided full time trainers for each of the active construction spreads. Our trainers were given additional responsibility for completing the FERC Tracking Table, a detailed table documenting the location and use of environmental control devices and other information pertinent to FERC’s review of the project’s compliance record.

NV5 also provided environmental inspectors and agricultural inspectors for construction of both REX West and REX East.


Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio


Rockies Express Pipeline


Key Facts

  • 1,500 Miles
  • FERC