Route NM 209 Bridge 6117 Replacement

Route NM 209 is a minor rural arterial between Clovis and Tucumcari. At the Frio Draw, the roadway narrows, presenting a safety hazard for the 1,650 vehicles per day that travel at a speed limit of 65 MPH. During the Phase I-A/B alignment study, the NV5 team utilized a context-sensitive approach to determine the best alignment and right-of-way requirements for the 1,000 linear feet of roadway approaches and bridge structure that preserve the aesthetics of the Frio Draw. The existing road is fairly straight, but the bridge is in a sag vertical curve, causing drainage problems for the pavement and underneath the bridge. NV5 analyzed different vertical alignments to reduce the drainage problems caused by the sag vertical curve, and modeled the hydrology and water surface profiles to provide the best design solution.


New Mexico


  • Transportation Engineering
  • Water/Environment