San Mateo UHSD solar PV

Working on a tight schedule to coordinate with other improvements currently being implemented by the District, NV5 evaluated the district’s historical energy use, advised the district on cost-saving options, and managed an efficiency program. NV5 worked with the District’s construction manager and architect to develop a multiphase PV program at the District’s 6 campuses. Work on the solar PV project has included managing two RFP processes, production and financial modeling, design review, and commissioning oversight. NV5 also provided construction support for Phase 2 of the PV program and helped the District explore solar thermal to offset pool heating loads.


  • Efficiency Program Management
  • Financial & Performance Modeling
  • Incentives Management
  • RFP Management & Contract Assistance
  • Enhanced Commissioning
  • Solar Thermal Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Management


Redwood City, CA


San Mateo County


  • Commissioning
  • Solar PV Consulting
  • Building Optimization & Energy Efficiency

Key Facts

  • 3.7 MW Solar PV, Roof and Carport PV located on 6 campuses
  • Efficiency Program and Solar Thermal Study
  • $30M Capital Cost, GO Bond Funded
  • Phase 1 PV in Operation, December 2011. Phase 2 PV Online Early 2013