NV5 - Santa Gertrudis Creek Bridge

Santa Gertrudis Creek Bridge

NV5 was retained by the City of Temecula, California, to provide a preliminary engineering study for the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Santa Gertrudis Creek. This off-street bicycle and pedestrian bridge provides a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists. It is predominantly used by students attending Chaparral High School on the east side of the creek and provides a direct link connecting the residential areas north and south of Harveston Way to Chaparral High School.

To avoid compromising the integrity and natural setting of the Santa Gertrudis Creek, the City and NV5 agreed on a pre-fabricated steel truss bridge approximately 154 feet long with no intermediate supports. The NV5 team provided the City with an estimate of probable construction cost to assist with the allocation of an appropriate budget, and prepared a final report highlighting the alignment options studied, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and appropriate recommendations. Upon completion of the report, the City selected NV5 to proceed with the preparation of PS&Es to construct a 154-foot-long, pre-fabricated steel truss bridge.

After NV5 submitted the PES, the City received the following comment from Caltrans District 8: “This was the most complete PES form we have ever seen.”

NV5’s duties included surveying and mapping; preparing plats and legal descriptions; preparing PS&E for the abutment supports, the ramps leading to the bridge, and the required retaining walls; coordinating with bridge manufacturers, Caltrans, Riverside County Flood Control District, and environmental and geotechnical subconsultants.


Temecula, CA


City of Temecula