Seaview Drive Extension & Jersey City Aqueduct Relocation

NV5 provided preliminary and final design services for the extension of Seaview Drive and replacement of Jersey City’s dual 72” water mains in Hudson County, New Jersey. This project involved highway, structures, traffic, and utility designs. This project involved coordination and design of water, sanitary, gas, electric, and communication facilities impacted by the proposed roadway improvements.

To meet commitments to several stakeholders, this project was advanced on an accelerated schedule.

The Seaview Drive extension links the terminus of the NJ Turnpike Interchange 15X ramps with NJ Transit’s Transfer Station, New County Road, Seaview Drive, and ultimately Meadowlands Parkway to the west. The one-half-mile extension is on new alignment and includes two new structures. A critical component of this project involved the relocation of 8,000 ft. of Jersey City’s 100-year-old twin 72-inch water mains. The water main design was closely coordinated with the Jersey City Municipal Utility Authority (JCMUA) and included a new metering station with state-of-the-art electronics, water main access manholes, air release/vacuum breaker valves, blow-off assemblies, and custom joint assemblies at the historic-new conduit connections. Our water main design was prepared in accordance with JCMUA policies and procedures and the AWWA standards.

Design services included ROW, access, utility relocations in accordance with the Utility Accommodation Policy, environmental permitting, traffic analysis, new signalized intersection, and multi-agency coordination.


Hudson County, NJ


Key Facts

  • JCMUA Policies
  • AWWA Standards
  • Construction Cost $11.3 M