NV5 - Construction Oversight

SR 99 Rehabilitation, Caltrans On-Call

NV5 and its team provide on-call engineering, inspection, and material testing services for Caltrans District 10 (Central Region), with up to 30 individuals assigned throughout the district at any given time.

For example, we provided several inspectors for the State Route (SR) 99 Rehabilitation project in Salida. This project rehabilitated the entire freeway and shoulders. Work included removal of existing Portland cement concrete (PCC), excavation to subgrade elevation, placement of lean concrete base, placement of rapid set concrete, placement and compaction of dense grade rubberized hot mix asphalt overlay of existing asphalt lanes and shoulders, placement of asphalt concrete dike, profile and smooth grinding, lane re-striping, and replacement of metal beam guard rail in various locations.

The work on this project was accomplished primarily during the night, requiring complex traffic handling and coordination with the contractor, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Construction Zone Enhanced Enforcement Program (COZEEP), and Caltrans Transportation Management Center (TMC).


Salida, CA


California Department of Transportation


Observation & Quality Assurance