NV5 - Sugar Bowl Judah Condos

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

NV5 has provided geotechnical engineering and special inspection services for various expansion projects at the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Work has included geotechnical investigations, foundation design, grading recommendations, and special inspection during construction.

Judah Lodge Expansion. One project was the 16,000 SF, multi-story Judah Lodge Expansion Project. NV5 prepared a geotechnical engineering report, and provided earthwork observation and testing and special inspection of structural steel, reinforced concrete, and spray-applied fireproofing. We also performed geotechnical engineering, materials testing, and special inspection services for the four-story, steel-framed Judah residential condominium building with a reinforced concrete underground parking garage at the resort. The scope of services included a geotechnical engineering investigation and  consultation; foundation excavation and earthwork testing and observation; and special inspection of reinforced concrete, fireproofing, epoxy anchors, and structural masonry and structural steel, including field erection, field welding, field bolting, shop welding, and non-destructive (ultrasonic) testing.

Access Road. Another project involved the creation of an access road from Mt. Judah to the resort, traversing Nevada County and Placer County land as well as portions of the Tahoe National Forest. NV5 developed geotechnical recommendations that met the different design and grading requirements mandated by each county and federal agency. To accommodate the large amount of rock onsite and to limit soil import, we provided recommendations for gradational rock fills up to 20 feet deep and for rock bolting of concrete bridge abutments. Testing and observation services were then provided during grading of the new roadway.