NV5 - Tahoe Estates Erosion Control

Tahoe Estates Erosion Control

NV5 performed a geotechnical investigation to evaluate site-specific soil characteristics and infiltration rates used in the design of proposed infiltration basins in Tahoe Vista, California. The project also included design of conventional asphalt concrete and pervious concrete pavement sections.

In addition, NV5 evaluated an existing rock slope and provided alternatives for controlling storm and surface water runoff in the vicinity of the slope. The highly fractured slope had discontinuity orientations that were unfavorable with respect to the slope orientation, resulting in theoretical wedge and block glide failures in the slope face. However, the slope appeared stable from a global stability standpoint.

NV5 provided recommendations for a small barrier at the toe of the slope, and the road was moved away from the base of the slope.


Placer County, CA


Placer County