NV5 - Tritium Contamination at Aerospace Company

Tritium Contamination at Aerospace Company

When a California aerospace company discovered tritium contamination in test results, they asked NV5 to help them find the source of the contamination.

NV5 conducted an onsite survey and discovered that the company had a leaking tritium source that, although it had been previously identified as leaking, had been stored improperly for years. This leaking, improperly stored source was the cause of their contamination.

NV5 was then asked to perform decontamination and surveys of the site. We conducted liquid scintillation counting (LSC) of 2,000 samples onsite in California, plus 250 final status survey samples, and we properly disposed of the waste that was generated during the decontamination. The company then asked us to review their radiation protection procedures, draft new ones to fill in the identified gaps, train the workers on the revised procedures, rewrite their license, and perform a program-wide assessment.




Key Facts

2,250 Samples