University of Alberta – Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, Health Sciences Ambulatory Learning Centre

The goal was to transform and re-engineer the way patients are diagnosed and treated and how health science students are educated and trained. The answer is The Edmonton Clinic — a partnership between Capital Health and the University of Alberta established to deliver a vision of an innovative, patient centered health system that integrates ambulatory care with a new interdisciplinary approach to health sciences education and research. The 500,000 SF, $1B facility was designed in an effort to increase the amount of physical space to support a national increase in health student enrollment.

The student-focused center will help to elevate interdisciplinary health science teaching and research among students, faculty, and staff, with support spaces focusing primarily on the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, School of Public Health, and the Health Sciences Council. Classrooms and lecture halls are designed to accommodate instruction enhanced by multimedia presentation with the ability for rich-media capture, web streaming, and synchronous distance learning available to students. General learning spaces are outfitted with multi-image displays.

In addition to the large lecture halls, an 80-person Prototype Classroom was designed as a flexible collaboration space outfitted with multiple student-accessible displays situated around the perimeter of the room, inviting students to congregate for small group interactive sessions. The facility includes structured and flexible learning space, as well as significant simulated clinical settings where students have the opportunity to develop skill sets in dentistry, nursing, medicine, and other allied health professions. Simulation environments include mannequins, immersive virtual reality, part-task simulation, as well as telemedicine capabilities.


Edmonton, Canada




Audiovisual Systems Design

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