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The Washoe County School District, which educates 64,000 students in Reno and surrounding communities of Northern Nevada, contracted NV5 to provide third party owner’s representative services to oversee the Energy Services Performance Contract (ESPC) project being developed at the District’s 100+ facilities. The project will provide improvements to lighting, plumbing, and other building systems that will improve the comfort and learning environment for students and staff as well as substantially reduce energy costs for the District.

The ESPC project is being implemented in three phases, each phase of work covering approximately one third of the District’s buildings. NV5, in its capacity as the owner’s representative, reviews all documentation on the project produced by the Energy Services Company, who is the general contractor for the project and guaranteeing the energy savings from the project over a period of years. NV5 provides quality assurance by reviewing savings calculations, scope development documents, building documents, and commissioning activity. We also review all measurement and verification (M&V) methods, activities, and reports, which are the activities to quantify the energy usage and cost savings projected and guaranteed for the project by the Energy Services Company, to ensure that the District is and will continue to achieve those savings.

Each phase of work results in approximately $11 million dollars’ worth of improvements at the schools, with $1.1 million dollars of annual cost savings. The cost savings represent an 18% reduction in existing utility costs.

The measures providing improvements and energy cost savings in the first two phases of the project are programmable network thermostats, electric rate switches, lighting upgrades to LED technology, domestic water upgrades, irrigation system upgrades, and sewer billing structure changes.


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