NV5 Hoboken NJ Wayfinding

Wayfinding Concept Plan for Hoboken

The City of Hoboken, New Jersey, located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, is home to thousands of commuters who utilize the PATH, NJ Transit’s buses and trains, and the ferry system. The waterfront and Washington Street, Hoboken’s vibrant and busy main street, attract people from across the region. As part of the process of transforming Washington Street into a “complete street,” NV5 developed a concept for a wayfinding system for this street and the greater city.

NV5 staff developed a “journey map” that located existing signs and gateway elements, major transit portals, and important vehicular and pedestrian routes through the city and to various destinations. The map also identified the direction of traffic flow on streets and the location of parking garage entrances, an important destination in the city. This map established the framework for the conceptual sign plan, for which a message book was also developed detailing information on the proposed location, message, and purpose of each wayfinding element recommended.


Hoboken, NJ


City of Hoboken