NV5 - Truckee River Crossing Repair

West Shore Export Truckee River Crossing

The Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD) West Shore Export Truckee River Crossing Repair Project consisted of replacing 200 ft of 38-inch sewer pipeline that was approximately 45 years old with a new 38-inch welded steel pipeline. This section of sanitary sewer pipeline was critical to the community as it conveys wastewater from the District’s customers to the Truckee Tahoe Sanitation Agency treatment facility. The pipeline is supported on saddle type bent support structures above the Truckee River and is the only pipeline conveying the wastewater to the treatment plant. Therefore, it was extremely important to provide a long-term solution to the aging pipeline as well as maintain service during construction. The project also had to take into consideration that the Truckee River, above which the pipeline is located, is actively used for rafting, and hiking trails are adjacent to the river for public use.

NV5 designed and provided construction period assistance for this project. Bypass pumping had to be constructed to allow wastewater flows to continue during construction. Because the pipeline was above and adjacent to the Truckee River, redundant facilities and emergency plans had to be in place to be sure no issues occurred during construction. With the various agencies and environmental protections required, multiple permits had to be obtained prior to construction. Additionally, because of the weather in the Tahoe area and the recreational uses of the Truckee River, a short seasonal construction window had to be observed from after Labor Day to October 15.

Ultimately, to make the pipeline more aesthetically pleasing, TCPUD celebrated the project with a mural portraying the pipe as an aquarium, inclusive of aquatic species native to the Tahoe environment.


Tahoe City, CA


Tahoe City Public Utility District


Key Facts

  • Length 200 ft
  • Diameter 38 in


Engineering Excellence Commendation Award, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) California, 2018