Weston Corners

The Weston Corners mixed-use project in Morrisville encompasses approximately 20 acres of land at the intersection of NC Highway 54 and Weston Parkway.  The mixed-use facility at this site includes a combination of apartments, townhomes, a precast parking garage, and retail buildings.  Our involvement began in 2009 when the developer asked us to evaluate subsurface conditions, especially the depth and consistency of rock at the site.  Due to the topographic conditions, along with the Durham Triassic Basin geology at the site, mass grading costs were expected to be high, and the need for significant retaining wall structures was expected.  The project was put on hold until 2013 when NV5 performed a Phase I environmental site assessment and provided retaining wall design services for the 14 segmental retaining walls needed to accommodate the necessary grade changes.  One of the walls, located along the northern edge of the property, incorporates a segmental block facing on a soil-nail structural wall.  Because of the height and length of the wall, the developer was concerned about aesthetics, so NV5 worked with the owner and the site development contractor to create a design that incorporates columns within the wall and masonry piers as fence posts above the wall to provide a pleasing appearance.  This wall won an award as 2017 Retaining Wall Project of the Year by the Hardscape North America conference.  NV5 was involved during wall construction and also provided testing services associated with wall construction and pavement construction at the site.  This project exemplifies the way NV5 listens to a client’s needs and helps create innovative solutions using sound engineering principles.


Morrisville, NC