Wilshire Grand Hotels

The Wilshire Grand Hotel was an iconic hotel located in a significant and sensitive location within the heart of downtown Los Angeles.  Martin Project Management, on behalf of their client Hanjin International, embarked on a significant project changing the skyline of Los Angeles forever. The project included the demolition of the existing structures built in the 1950s culminating in the operation of a 900-room, 70-story hotel.

NV5 was selected by Martin Project Management to be part of an esteemed team of design and construction specialists to provide continuous environmental support for this high-profile project.  The project team included developers, engineers, architects, and construction professionals.  NV5’s team included environmental specialists from NV5’s Building Sciences, Environmental Health Scientists (EHS), and Site Assessment and Remediation groups.  NV5 developed, implemented, and completed a comprehensive scope to characterize and manage the remediation of hazardous materials found on-site.

NV5’s team mobilized quickly and efficiently, working closely with the project team to assess site characteristics of the 15-story building.  NV5 then developed project specifications encompassing the remediation of hazardous substances identified in the initial assessment.  NV5’s team was an integral part of the client’s project team involved in the screening and selection of the remediation and demolition contractor for the project.


Los Angeles, CA


Martin Project Management


  • Building-related hazardous materials — asbestos, lead, household/commercial chemicals
  • Permitting and Regulatory agency research
  • Liaised with Regulatory agencies
  • Supported project team in public relations
  • Project close-out
  • Construction response

Key Facts

Duration: 1.5 years
Budget: $300,000