Window Seal Evaluations at a 206-unit high rise

Immediately after Hurricane Michael in October 2018, NV5 sent a team of building science experts to evaluate the effects of wind-driven rains to windows and doors in a 206-unit high-rise condominium. The evaluation included a moisture mapping survey on all affected units to determine which units were effected. A random blower door test was performed on select affected units to determine if any visible breaches occurred to the static seals for the door and window openings. Air velocity meters were used quantitatively and smoke pens were used qualitatively during the blower door testing. In addition, random water test was conducted on doors and windows of select affected units to confirm the integrity of the seals and proficiency of the bulk water infiltration. The findings and reporting performed by NV5 included the application of peer-reviewed published forensic data on observed, exposed building materials to confirm the duration of damages by analyzing metal rust, oxidation, microbial growth and succession, and the qualitative discoloration and appearances of materials such as carpet tack strips. 


Panama City Beach, FL


Forensic Engineering & Building Consulting