Yucca Mountain

NV5 supported the U.S. Department of Energy’s efforts related to the Yucca Mountain Geologic Repository under various contracts starting in 1998. For example, we helped prepare the Environmental Impact Statement, serving as technical chapter leads, lead analysts, and key contributors in areas of short-term and cumulative environmental impacts, air quality, socioeconomics, land use, health & safety, and accidents. Additionally, for the Science and Technology Initiative, we researched and analyzed emerging issues, including those related to radiation dose criteria, stable iodine, corrosion, materials performance, and storage canister coatings.

For the Office of Repository Development, we performed several key radiological tasks, including assessing the radiation protection program, reviewing the occupational radon protection program, evaluating the biosphere modeling, developing the overall emergency management strategy, helping to implement 10 CFR 851, “Worker Safety and Health Program,” and preparing a radiological characterization survey for a potential access road.

We also provided geotechnical support to the project. For example, we managed the Yucca Mountain Project Sample Management Facility — the on-site facility that managed all of the geotechnical and exploratory rock samples for analysis, logging, and archiving. We also performed borehole geophysical logging for the Expanded North Portal Facilities Area.


Yucca Mountain, NV