Electricity Decarbonization
Clean energy is essential for our future and ensuring the environment is maintained and enjoyable for generations to come. Countries and organizations around the world are committed to decarbonizing their economies and facilities by utilizing smart management of electric energy resources.

Utilizing NV5’s international team of engineers, project managers, policy advocates, and other industry professionals can help you achieve all target goals on the path to decarbonization and net-zero carbon emissions.

Our team can provide modeling and long-term future planning for all sectors and agencies, ranging from commercial and industrial facilities to utility grid-scale decarbonization impacts for customers.

Building Electrification
Electrification replaces technologies that use fossil fuels such as natural gas with technologies that use electricity as a source of energy.

NV5 leverages deep expertise in energy efficiency and renewable design to provide comprehensive offerings focused on electrification opportunities and regulatory support initiatives across all sectors and hard-to-reach areas.

Our extensive work supporting utilities in electric and gas infrastructure upgrades and designs uniquely enables us to provide the best recommendations for customers interested in converting from burning fossil fuels to utilizing clean electric power.

Electrified buildings incorporating electric vehicle charging stations and renewable self-generation systems are rapidly becoming the future targets for customers and businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.

Zero Net Energy
Zero Net Energy (ZNE) and Zero Net Carbon are increasingly targets for new building, campus, and portfolio projects to address both regulatory and environmental objectives. NV5 works with our clients to help them understand ZNE, clarify and articulate policy goals, and effectively plan and implement ZNE projects.

ZNE can mean many things. NV5 helps clients understand and define ZNE, develop policies in compliance with regulations and rating systems, and lay out clear pathways to meet these policies across your facility portfolio. NV5 works with clients to show how ZNE can be leveraged together with LEED, Living Building Challenge, and other rating systems to save on operational costs, reduce environmental impacts, and meet your sustainability goals.

For new construction, NV5 brings energy and financial expertise in renewables, battery storage, and EV charging to your project design team, augmenting the energy-efficient building design driven by the project architects and MEP contractors. For existing facilities, NV5 develops and manages deep energy efficiency improvements and cost-effective combinations of renewable energy, battery storage, and EV charging systems.