Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization:
Measurement and Verification Consulting (M&V)

NV5 provides Measurement and Verification (M&V) services to a wide-variety of clients, either as part of our Owner’s Representative service or on a stand-alone basis, including:

  • Performance of Measurement and Verification on energy efficiency projects
  • Development of M&V Plans for ISO Forward Capacity Market programs
  • Oversight of ESCO and vendor proposals to ensure accuracy of energy savings claims
  • Review of an ESCO’s M&V plan proposal and its subsequent periodic M&V reports to ensure expected performance
  • Assistance negotiating effective corrective action and financial restitution

Many of our in-house engineering staff are Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals (CMVP) by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the Efficiency Valuation Organization – a distinction very few firms have.