Engineering & Technology: Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Control

Meeting expectations for sound (or silence!).

The acoustic environment in the places where people work, gather, and live can have a profound impact on their health, wellbeing, and productivity. Facilities with purposefully designed soundscapes are not only free from unwanted noise and disruptions, they use aural cues to enhance an occupant’s overall perception of a space’s quality and purpose. We strive to create beautiful acoustic environments that support the sense of space envisioned by our clients. Our team thrives on close coordination with stakeholders to develop practical solutions to each project’s unique programming, budget, and aesthetic priorities. Acoustics covers a diverse and complex set of design considerations. We provide our clients with clear, concise, and actionable deliverables to guide them through critical design decisions.

NV5 Projects


  • Room Acoustics, Speech Intelligibility, and Reverberation Control
  • Sound Isolation / Acoustic Privacy
  • Environmental Noise Control
  • Specialty Vibration Control
  • Healthcare Acoustics
  • Sound Measurement, Modeling, and Prediction

Process & Approach

We offer a proven process and approach designed to share security and surveillance trends, solicit ideas, develop successful scenarios, and define functional and performance goals.

  • Site Observations & Measurements
  • User Interviews
  • Guidelines & Details
  • Design Review / Coordination
  • Computer Modelling
  • Testing & Commissioning
NV5 Projects