Energy Efficiency

Design, find, fix, fine-tune, monitor.

At NV5, we are committed to helping clients around the world achieve new standards in energy efficiency and reduced operating costs at all stages of the building lifecycle. Energy optimization begins with robust benchmarking and goal setting in early phases of design. Dynamic energy modeling then ensures the project teams meet energy performance goals, while minimizing building life cycle cost. Through our “energy intelligence” services, we make the invisible visible, providing an integrated platform to record, understand, and monitor energy usage, enabling sophisticated analysis and continuous data for improving energy efficiency. We bring efficiency into the design and operational phases of buildings, improving the environment and making energy savings – up to 20% – persistent.


  • Technology Identification, Installation, & Commissioning
  • Energy Assessments, Audits, & Energy Management Retainer
  • Robust Energy Benchmarking & Dynamic Energy Modeling
  • Energy Management Platform Deployment
  • Operations Driven Design, Analytics-driven Commissioning, & Warranty Period Management
  • Data Analytics & Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx)