Engineering & Technology: Intelligent Buildings Systems Consulting

Increasing productivity, reducing costs, and maximizing human comfort.

An “Intelligent Building” today integrates energy management, environmental controls, communications, and building control systems to provide a holistic view of the enterprise, enabling a flexible, effective, comfortable, and secure building environment for owners and occupants. Intelligent Building Systems leverage the power of Internet-of-Things sensors and beacons and the machine-learning functionality of artificial intelligence to create a self-aware facility.

From automated HVAC control and energy management and monitoring systems to sensor-based analytics and control dashboards displaying visualizations of energy utilization and operational controls, Intelligent Building Systems oversee the entire network of automated building systems, dramatically increasing functionality and efficiency. Facilities operate more economically, with maintenance and repairs become predictive and proactive, rather than reactive.

Our team of engineering and technology experts address all facets of Intelligent Building Technologies. Drawing upon our multifaceted interdisciplinary experience, NV5 is uniquely positioned to plan and design visionary yet practical Intelligent Building Systems.


  • Energy and Systems Control
  • Energy Optimization/Power Management
  • HVAC Airside & Hydronic Systems Control
  • Unified Communications/Distribution & Control
  • Video Surveillance, Access Control & Security Management Systems
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Control
  • Fire Protection/Life Safety
  • Permitting/Code Consulting

Process & Approach

Your project deserves a consultant who works collaboratively with owners, architects, and other project stakeholders to ensure a coordinated design solution for technology systems and infrastructure. Our proven design process starts with identifying and sharing relevant intelligent building design trends and soliciting ideas, which leads to innovative, elegant, and appropriate solutions.

  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Energy Auditing & Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Systems Design & Specifications
  • Standards Development
  • Systems Commissioning
  • Program Management & Owner’s Representation