Engineering & Technology: Lighting Design for Theatres & Studios

Illuminating stage for performance and studio and video broadcast and recording.

Technical lighting and theatre technologies are critical systems for TV studios, auditoria, performance theatres, distance learning classrooms, and video teleconference rooms. All require balanced, well planned, infrastructure and systems to support the live event, broadcast, streaming, or recording process, focusing attention on the presenters while preserving the fidelity of displayed information and providing flexibility for set and scene changes. With a focus on sustainable design, the careful, experienced selection of luminaires and show controls are essential for energy-efficient studio and theatre systems with simple, intuitive operational interfaces.


Theatre Technology

All theatres large and small ― whether proscenium, thrust, arena, or variable form ― require thoughtful, experienced planning of lighting and rigging systems to support and enhance presentations.

  • Theatrical / Stage Lighting
  • Rigging / Curtains & Theatrical Equipment
  • Sightlines, ADA Compliance & Theatre Layout Assistance
TV Studio Technology

Once only found in commercial broadcast operations, media recording studios are now commonly used in venues from K-12 and higher education to libraries, museums, community service agencies, and corporate communications facilities. Properly planned, media studios offer complete control for broadcast and recording of video images and sound.

  • Studio Lighting Design
  • Studio Lighting Control Systems

Process & Approach

Your project deserves a consultant who works collaboratively with owners, architects, and other project stakeholders to ensure a coordinated design solution for technology systems and infrastructure. Our proven design process starts with identifying and sharing relevant theatre and studio lighting trends and soliciting ideas, which leads to innovative, elegant and appropriate design solutions.

  • Lighting & Theatre Technology Planning
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Systems Design & Specifications
  • Standards Development
  • Systems Commissioning
  • Program Management & Owner’s Representation