Engineering & Technology: Security & Surveillance Systems

Protecting people and places. Providing peace of mind.

Protecting employees, patrons, and assets are mission critical. Security systems are most effective as an integral part of the overall information technology infrastructure. A comprehensive security program starts with analyzing site selection, design aesthetic considerations, and appropriate alignment with the facility program. Flexible and powerful systems that meet industry best practices, and are also 100% compliant with Federal,
State, and municipal codes, naturally arise from that foundation. Working closely with architects and owners, our planning provides intuitive user interfaces with minimal training needs for operators and staff. Systems are crafted to ensure that physical assets, products, equipment, data, and facilities not only remain secure, but can also be managed easily, effectively and efficiently.

NV5 Projects


  • Security Assessments and Planning
  • Security Management Systems (SMS)
  • Video Surveillance & Analytics
  • Access Controls Systems
  • Intrusion Detection / Perimeter Detection Systems
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Security Operations / Command Center Design

Certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Security Consulting License B19348

Process & Approach

We offer a proven process and approach designed to share security and surveillance trends, solicit ideas, develop successful scenarios, and define functional and performance goals.

  • Design Based Threat Assessment
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Statistical Analysis of Local/Regional Personal & Property Crime History
  • Security Operations Standards Development
  • Program & Systems Managementp
NV5 Projects