Environmental Health Sciences:
Fire Protection

Protecting People and Property from Fire.

Fire loss management is one of the many risk management programs that every business or organization should consider. NV5’s fire protection and loss management team have worked on some of the most complex systems and facilities in the world for commercial and government clients. These fire protection engineering and code consulting professionals have the knowledge base and experience to service any project. This combination of knowledge and experience is beneficial to clients, as it provides increased flexibility, significant bench strength, and provides value. NV5’s fire protection and loss management expertise encompass commercial and nuclear facility requirements, code requirements, fire prevention, fire protection system design and analysis, and forensics.


  • Fire Protection and Prevention Planning
  • Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, and Smoke Control System Design
  • Fire Hazards Analysis, Facility Fire Protection Assessments, and Code Reviews
  • Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems Inspections and Design Reviews
  • Fire Loss Management Assessment Reports
  • Fire Protection Programs and Basis Documents
  • Specialty Inspections
    • Firestopping of Smoke and Fire Rated Walls/Barriers
  • System Commissioning (Cx)
  • Nuclear Facility Fire Protection
  • Laboratory Fire Protection and Prevention (includes laboratory operations in wet and dry laboratories)
  • Forensics
  • Construction/Demolition Fire Safety
  • Training and Qualification Program Development for Fire Protection and Loss Management
  • Multi-Discipline Coordination, Including Coordination with Fire Departments, Engineers, and Building Officials
  • Life Safety Code Evaluations
  • Work Planning and Package Preparation
  • Project Management and Project Controls For Fire Protection Projects
  • Credentialed Fire Protection Professionals:
    • Registered Professional Engineers (PEs) in Fire Protection Engineering
    • Senior Fire Protection Engineer Professional Members
    • Certified Firestop Inspectors
    • Certified Health Care Physical Environment Workers