Environmental Health Sciences:
Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is the science of protecting people, property, and the environment from physical and chemical hazards.

NV5 provides occupational health, safety, and industrial hygiene services. Our certified professionals are capable of monitoring and sampling for more than 600,000 different contaminants in the air, water, soils, and materials, including chemical, physical and biological factors. By sampling with state-of-the-art equipment and utilizing a nationwide network of certified laboratories, NV5 can quickly assess potential risks and address them accordingly by providing methods of risk reduction or recommending suitable engineering controls and/or personal protective equipment.


  • COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols, Independent Oversight and Related Training
  • Design and Monitoring Programs for Mold, Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Silica, Carbon Fiber and Nano-Materials
  • Disaster Response
  • Expert Witnesses for Asbestos and Mold Litigation Assistance
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluation
  • Noise Dosimetry, Materials Identification, Combustion Byproducts and Combustible Dust