Environmental Health Sciences:
Natural Resources

Experienced professionals for worry-free compliance.

NV5’s natural resources specialists provide permitting, documentation, and ecological planning services that comply with federal, state, tribal, and local environmental regulatory requirements. The following suite of services are available: listed species surveys and habitat evaluations; natural resource planning; Clean Water Act permitting; wetland delineations/determinations and reporting; ordinary high watermark delineations; fatal flaw analyses; agency scoping; vegetation community mapping and re-vegetation planning; habitat restoration/enhancement recommendations; development of avoidance/mitigation measures; wildlife, raptor, and migratory bird studies; and wildlife corridor/crossing feasibility studies.


  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys, Habitat Evaluations & Compliance Documentation
  • Wetland Determination/Delineation/Reporting/Mitigation
  • Clean Water Act Permitting/Compliance Documentation (Sections 404/401/402)
  • General Vegetation Studies & Vegetation Community Mapping
  • General Wildlife/Migratory Bird Surveys
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis & Agency Scoping