Threatened/Endangered Species Assessment

Conservation, compliance, co-existence.

NV5’s experienced biologists conduct and document terrestrial and aquatic assessments across the United States in compliance with the Endangered Species Act. We provide both general and species-specific surveys as required by federal, state, or tribal agencies, and we produce all levels of documentation in-house, including technical memoranda, agency-specific reports, and full biological assessments. If potential species conflicts are discovered, we assist clients in resolving them through interagency cooperation and identification of avoidance and minimization or conservation measures.


  • Plant & Animal Surveys
  • Aquatic Species Surveys (Mussels, Fish, Amphibians)
  • Bat Habitat Assessments & Surveys
  • Habitat Assessments & Conservation Plans
  • Habitat Restoration & Revegetation Plans
  • Section 7 Consultation, Interagency Cooperation