Environmental Analyses

NV5 has significant experience and expertise in environmental analyses and has completed numerous studies analyzing impacts for projects ranging from small site development plans seeking municipal approval to detailed National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Impact Statements for major roadway improvements seeking federal funding. We know most governmental bodies require some form of environmental assessment and impact analysis before granting approvals and/or funding for projects within their jurisdiction. Environmental analysis is also required as part of the permit application process for obtaining environmental permits from various regulatory agencies. While the level of detail of the environmental analyses can vary depending upon the project parameters and the requirements of the governmental bodies having jurisdiction the analysis typically involves identifying natural resources and socioeconomic constraints. NV5 then maps them on a project basemap and then identifies and quantifies the direct impacts to these areas based upon the mapped limits of disturbance associated with the proposed project. Subsequent to this effort, a more detailed analysis of direct, indirect and cumulative impacts can be conducted depending upon the nature of the constraints, the requirements of the governmental body having jurisdiction and the nature of the proposed project itself.

Recently, NV5 has completed a Socioeconomic Technical Environmental Study and Cultural Resource Study as part of an Environmental Assessment for the proposed Routes 1 & 9 (T)/St. Paul’s Viaduct Project in Newark, New Jersey. We also completed and received approval for a CAFRA Environmental Impact Statement/Permit Application for proposed roadway improvements associated with the dualization of Route 70 in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey. NV5 is currently in the process of completing an Environmental Impact Statement and Master Plan for Sterling Forest State Park, which encompasses one of the largest remaining unfragmented forests on the eastern seaboard.