Asbestos Testing

NV5 is a Florida Licensed Asbestos Consulting Firm (#ZA-281), employing a full-time Florida Licensed Asbestos Consultant (#AX-43). As such, NV5 is licensed and qualified to perform asbestos surveys, remediation design, air and project monitoring, and clearance air sampling. NV5 utilizes state-of-the-art high volume sampling pumps and microscope equipment to perform on-site sampling and analysis, for the fastest possible turnaround.

NV5’s asbestos field personnel are accredited to perform building inspections, project monitoring and air sample analysis (NIOSH 582 accreditation), and have done so on hundreds of projects.

Additionally, NV5 is licensed and/or meets governmental criteria to perform asbestos consulting services in many other States. Contact us for a full listing of States in which NV5 is accredited to perform consulting services.